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Wedding and Portrait Photography based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Capturing tiny little timeslices throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm Mike Wiltshire, photographer - someone who wants to capture and preserve your forever moments, so that in the future you and others can re-live the emotional connections that they evoke.

As I'm well aware, there comes a point in life when the yesterdays outnumber the tomorrows, and that's when we start looking at photographs as more than just pictorial records - they stimulate the memory and the emotions and re-connect us to the time, the place and, most importantly, the people that we're looking at.

That's precious - and that's a service I want to provide to you. A photography business isn't just about the photographs, it should be an experience - something that the client looks back on with pleasant memories, that they want to relive, and they want to talk about to their friends and family. That's achieved through end-to-end, 360 degree attention to detail and continual review of the client experience. I hope that you'll agree that this is one of the hallmarks of The Forever Moment, and I also hope that you'll let me know of any improvements I can make.

I've been a photographer for more than twenty years. For fifteen of those years, I've also been a grandfather - it gives me immense pleasure to work with my grand-daughter, Tori. She has a mature, professional approach, a good photographer's eye, and is keen to learn and improve. When we work together, she fuels us with the energy and vibrancy of youth. We think we make a pretty good team.