Life In The Days at The Forever Moment.

A Week To Go ..... and BREATHE!


A week before their Big Day, and Tori and I met up with Cassy and Paul for their pre-wedding shoot. This is part of our standard full-day package...more

Photoshooting with Tiny Dancers


...well, not all of them were tiny. But all of them were dancers. Yesterday was the day I finally took a big step towards making something happen, something I've spent a couple of years thinking about. Nobody can accuse me of rushing into things! ...more

There's a lot of it about


Babies, that is. Not only are we in the middle of a baby boom, but there's been a sea-change in posing in baby photography. Cuteness rules (as if babies weren't cute enough already).more...

One Amazing Slideshow


You may remember my post about Ann and Paul's wedding, back in July. If you don't remember, you can catch up here, but for those who do, you may recall that I closed that post by pondering on how I was going to present the photos in a manner befitting the day.....more

Hannah & Paul: The Pre-Wedding Shoot


The pre-wedding shoot is included in our one-price wedding package. As with today's shoot, with Hannah and Paul, this takes place around six weeks before The Day,...more

Best Seats In The House


Following on from last week's post (Happy Days) about Abstract Dance & Performing Arts' annual show, this weekend saw the final rehearsal (a full dress and technical run-through) and performance at King's Theatre, Southsea.....more

Happy Days


In the middle of a happy time at The Forever Moment. This is the time of year when Portsmouth-based Abstract Dance & Performing Arts perform their end of year show, and we get to photograph it - well, the final rehearsals, anyway.....more

One Amazing Day


Let's start by offering our congratulations to Ann and Paul Butler - married today in St Bede's Church, Basingstoke.,,,,more

The Apprentice Progresses


Went out on a photoshoot today....and didn't even get my camera out of the bag. Instead, I helped Tori nail down some principles of photography in general, and location photography in particular....more

Walkin' The Dog....

05/06/13 as much a necessity for me as it for Otto, who moved in with us two years ago, when he was seven years old. You probably wouldn't recognise his breed (unless you're a breeder of Papillons) - he's a Phalene, which was the native breed from which Papillons evolved, and occasionally, in a litter of Papillons, a bit of genetic miscode results in a Phalene. So he's a throwback. Not that it matters to him - or us.....more

Sun, Sea, Sand and......LIGHT!


When I hear that John Denton's venturing south of the Humber to spread the word (...and the word is LIGHT...), I do my best to attend.....more

Why 2013 Is A Special Year (2)


Like London buses - you wait eight years for a new grand-daughter, and then two come along together.....more



Call me an old fool, tell me I'm old enough to know better - I don't care. Occasionally I photograph people who leave their mark on my heart...more



Tori spends so much time with me behind the camera that I need an occasional reminder that she also has her place at the sharp end.
The arrival of her new baby sister was such an occasion, so here's the apprentice as she hasn't been seen before.....more

The Visa Photographs Shoot


Most photographers tend to look down on ID photography - it doesn't pay enough (customers compare quoted prices to the cost in a photobooth), and it's too narrowly specified, leaving no room for artistry and creativity. And we all know that a passport photograph is expressionless, bland and boring.

But there might be a little time for creative play, once the job is done.....more

Why 2013 Is A Special Year (1)


It's been a couple of years since we had an addition to the extended family, so today's new arrival was much anticipated and particularly welcomed.

Naturally, she was introduced to the camera at the earliest opportunity.....more



Sometimes, less is more.....more

Step Out Of The Ordinary (2)


....a continuation of an extraordinary morning of dance photography.....more

Step Out Of The Ordinary (1)


You may recall, from an earlier post, that I like to photograph dance. Which is a gross under-statement, since I am totally hooked on the grace, beauty and athleticism that dancers display with apparently so little effort.....more

A Breath Of Fresh Air


After the summer, autumn and winter we've just had, it was a relief and a pleasure to get out for a location shoot. Last October, I'd done some dance portfolio photography with the multi-talented Saskia Millward (see "The Energy of Youth"), and mum Sam had suggested a breath of fresh air down by the riverside, combined with some fashion portfolio photography.....more

Tiny Little Timeslices


Official: I like baby photography. Had a spot of downtime today, so I went through the archives and put this together. I know, pure self-indulgence.......more

Talent, Pure Talent


As a sideline to my portrait photography, I have a particular passion for photographing the performing arts - especially dance.....more

Never Too Old To Learn


When my wife asked me what I'd like for Christmas, I (for once) had a ready answer.
"I'd like to spend four hours in a hotel room in London, with an attractive young lady, who will be in various states of dress. Or undress. Please."

"Sounds good", she replied.....more

The Infanticipation Shoot


Today brought an opportunity to add another dimension to my portfolio - maternity photography (aka bump shots)....more

The Energy of Youth


A short while ago I was approached by a young dancer, Saskia Millward, who is dabbling a toe into the world of modelling, asking if there was any chance of us collaborating on some dance-based additions to her modelling portfolio. ...more