...which may sound a bit direct, but, let's face it, if you decide to engage The Forever Moment as your photographer, it's something we're going to talk about sooner or later. Let's not beat about the bush....

Please note that these prices refer to Portrait Photography services only. Prices for Wedding Photography can be found here.

There are NO session fees for portrait photography at The Forever Moment. You only pay for the products you want to buy. We reserve the right, however, to charge for travelling time and expenses if we need to travel outside the area covered by postcodes RG21 to RG29 - within those postcodes, there is no charge for a home or location portrait session. Outside that postal area, we're happy to quote a firm price to cover costs and travelling time.

When you book your session, we charge a deposit of £15 - this is refunded, in cash, on completion of the session. This may sound a little convoluted, but It's to deter time-wasters, who book a free session (thus taking available time out of the diary) and subsequently cancel (or, even worse, forget to cancel, and just don't answer the door), leaving us with unfilled time (and a rather depressing journey home). The deposit is a token of commitment to the session going ahead. Those who honour that commitment get their money back, but those who don't end up out of pocket

We're sufficiently realistic to recognise that real life can play havoc with one's plans, and that it may be necessary to re-arrange a session. We're happy to do that - up to a maximum of three postponements, but beyond that, the session is treated as cancelled, and the deposit is forfeited.

All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and include delivery to your address.

Whatever your budget, spending money on photographs is an investment. We don't expect you to make that investment without seeing samples of the products on offer. We carry an extensive range of samples so that you can make your own judgement on their quality and suitability. Please ask if you'd like to see them.

If you want to select individual unframed images from your portrait session, we offer a range of prints mounted in either strut mounts (suitable for stand-alone display) or in frame ready studio mounts. Both styles of mount are available in either black or white.

Strut Mounted Print Sizes7" x 5"9" x 6"10" x 8"12" x 8"
Frame Ready Studio Print Sizes7" x 5"9" x 6"10" x 8"12" x 8"
To fit frame dimensions:10" x 8"12" x 10"14" x 11"16" x 12"

If you would like to buy all images from your session, you can choose from three collections, each containing a CD of digital files. Please read the following explanatory paragraphs, so that you understand the properties of those files and the rights you acquire with them.

Low resolution files are small files intended for screen viewing - as such, they are suitable for viewing on a digital photo frame, for use as email attachments or for publishing on social media. Due to their small size, they are quick to load and take up little disc space, and you are free to copy and share them as much as you want. They have neither been prepared for, nor are they licensed for, printing. Anybody who prints from these files is committing a breach of the photographer's copyright.

High resolution files are much bigger, and are supplied ready to print. The buyer acquires, as part of their purchase, a perpetual licence to print unlimited copies from those files.

We want you to be pleased with your purchase, not disappointed - so please contact us if you need further explanation.

Purchased image files, whether low or high resolution, are supplied free of photographer's watermark. If you prefer to have your files supplied on a USB Drive, please add £8 to the prices shown.

The Moments Edition
All images from your gallery in low resolution JPEG format on an engraved CD, supplied in a souvenir case......£75

The Moments & More Collection
All images from your gallery in both low and high resolution JPEG formats on an engraved CD supplied in a souvenir case. It also includes Son et Lumiere - an animated slideshow set to a musical backing. Supplied with a perpetual licence to print unlimited copies from the high resolution files....£165

The Forever Collection
All images from your gallery - as low and high resolution JPEG files, and as 7" x 5" unmounted prints (in a customised keepsake box) - PLUS 5 images of your choice as mounted 12" x 8" prints (choose from black or white strut mounts or frame ready studio mounts) PLUS Son et Lumiere - an animated slideshow set to a musical backing. Files are stored on an engraved CD in souvenir packaging, and the collection is completed by a perpetual licence to print unlimited copies from the high resolution files.....£295

On the coffee table or on a bookshelf, Photobooks are a beautiful way of keeping your memories alive. The price shown includes a design service: you choose the images that you want to include, we'll prepare a draft layout of the book for your approval. If you want changes to the layout, that's fine...and we'll keep on incorporating your changes until you're completely happy with the design. Payment is only due when you sign off the final layout.
These books make fabulous gifts - even more so because, once you've ordered your first copy at the full price shown, all subsequent orders of the same book are available to you at a 50% discount!

The Eternity Book measures 12" x 8" (closed dimensions), has a hardback cover, and 20 pages of photographs from your gallery.....£245 (for additional copies: £122.50)

Eternity plus... not only the Eternity Book described above, but with the addition of Son et Lumiere - an animated slideshow in video form, backed with an evocative musical soundtrack - supplied on an engraved CD in a souvenir case......£295 (for additional copies: £147.50). Please add £8 to these prices if you'd prefer your Son et Lumiere on a USB Drive.

Son et Lumiere
This animated slideshow, with its own musical soundtrack, was previously available only as part of a package. It's now presented as a separate product in its own right, either on a souvenir CD (£75) or on a USB Drive (£83).

These are suitable for either standalone display or as a wall feature. They are produced by one of the largest and most highly regarded fulfilment companies in Europe, and are subjected to rigorous quality control. In our opinion, they offer outstanding value for money. We've shown only a limited selection from what is available, so if you have a particular product in mind that isn't listed, please ask us - we don't want you to compromise on what you want. If we can supply it, we'll quote you a price.

All dimensions are for the finished product.
Legacy Desk Frames7" x 5"10" x 8"

Heirloom Wall Frames20" x 16"24" x 20"28" x 24"

Bequest Canvas Wraps16" x 12"20" x 16"24" x 20"

We hope that, as you've read this far down the page, you've seen something in the our products and prices that interests you. If you feel ready to start a conversation with The Forever Moment, then please use the "Contact" page to get in touch.